Music Licenses

About video distribution
1: If you distribute a playing video of our company game, we will connive this regardless of whether you monetize it or not.
2: We will keep silent about the impression of the game, even if it is negative.
3: The video cursing the game of our company ( slander, "This game is fraud!", etc. ) will be deleted under the copyright(Music) as soon as we find it.


音楽ライセンス / Music Licenses

当社の作曲した音楽に使用されている商用ライセンスのサウンドループの著作権はMAGIX Software GmbHが保有しています。

The commercially licensed sound loops used in music composed by our company are copyrighted by MAGIX Software GmbH.
We strictly prohibit the sale, resale or commercial use of music files composed by our company.


Sonic-Alpha has a commercial license for all of the following sound loops.

商品タイプ 商品名
Collection (Soundpool) Boom – Complete Bundle
Commercial (Royalty Free)
商品タイプ 商品名
Collection (Soundpool) 90s RnB – Complete Bundle
Commercial (Royalty Free)
商品タイプ 商品名
Collection (Soundpool) 90s Hip Hop – Complete Bundle
Commercial (Royalty Free)


Item type Item name
Collection (Soundpool) Movie Score Collection
Commercial (Royalty Free)

作曲に使用する全てのサウンドループの商用ライセンス(MAGIX Software GmbH.)
サブスクリプションライセンス(旧Autodesk character generator)
Character Creator3、iClone7の拡張ライセンス(Reallusion Inc.)
有料アセット(Unity Asset Store、Game Creator Store)

About the main licenses owned
Commercial license for all sound loops used in composition (MAGIX Software GmbH.)
Subscription license (formerly Autodesk character generator)
Extended License for Character Creator3, iClone7 (Reallusion Inc.)
Photoshop and Premiere (Adobe.)
Paid assets (Unity Asset Store, Game Creator Store)