Our policy and terms of use

Our policy and terms of use


Summary of Terms of Service

1: We will not support any tokens we possess.

2: We will not refund for token air droppings.


Policies and terms of use for our issued tokens

1 Risks accompany purchasing one token. Risk of falling · Please understand the risk that the token will not be traded in the future, please make a deal at your own risk. We will not take any responsibility even if damages occur to the token holder owing to purchase / possession of our issued token by any chance.

2 Token holders agree that we do not support any holder of tokens issued by our company.

– As we do not solicit or sell tokens issued by our company, the token holder can completely manage the token completely. We do not have any authority over the token possessed by the token holder. We do not take any action or request anything from the token holder. We will not do any seminars on tokens issued by our company. Virtual currency and tokens are not established yet, ICO fraud and the like are rampant. We will prevent troubles by physically breaking contact with the token holder.

Premium paid member policy and terms of use


1  Monthly fee is the charge for member page display. Air drops of tokens are irregular gifts, not necessarily a service to offer.

2 Since our paid members can completely manage their payments on PayPal, we do not support any of our paid members at all. We do not have authority over payment and settlement of members.

3 If we have something wrong and paid members are unable to receive services such as air drops and gifts ,we can not respond to refunds due to gifts of gifts or default of air drop of token. Paid members are responsible for canceling their regular subscription to PayPal by themselves.